Who are Pico?

Based in Macclesfield, with over 10 years experience in internet services, Pico Creations specialise in building kick-a** internet solutions. We aim for fast, simple solutions without skimping on quality and service. By creating solutions that work for you and your business Pico can improve your on-line brand, product or service, sending positive vibes to your users with a user experience built to impress.

What we do:

  • Website creation
  • Automation
  • Agile Development
  • Engineering
  • Maintenance & support
  • Hosting

What we build:

  • Content Managable Websites
  • Software
  • Databases
  • Systems Integration
Responsive Design
Custom Development
Legacy Applications Enhancement


Website Creation

Simple, elegant internet solutions for your business and brand in a fast project delivery time.


Data analysis, modelling, architecture and administration

Engineering & Automation

Systems Integration, Process Engineering , Systems/Software Development , Engineering & Architecture


Fast, reliable and secure hosting services provided by Pico Hosting.

Why Pico?

Pico Creations have a clear view of what we need to achieve and how we can achieve it. By implementing agile methodologies Pico Creations can continuously deliver increments of your application fast. Research has shown that 45% of the functionality built for applications is never used, so why pay for it. Pico will create a skeleton application of the functionality that you actually need, reducing the time to build and the cost to you.

Pico Ethos

  • K.I.S.S – Keep it simple stupid! We aim for elegant results before complexity.
  • Speedy – Quick delivery of core functionality
  • Power to the people! – The user experience can make or break any website or application. User focus is essential.
  • Agile - Pico embrace the flexibility and focus of Agile in everything we do. We think it's awesome.

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